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Changing Extension Names

Changing Extension Names

This feature change must be made from an attendant phone. This will usually be extension 10 or 100.

Step One – Identifying the Extension Port

describe the imageBefore you change a name, you must know the extension’s port number. This is how your phone system recognizes each extension. To confirm the port number do the following:

•  Press ON/OFF key (your phone must be idle, no ringing calls)
•  Press CONF key
•  Dial the extension number of the phone you wish to change

Your display will show the current status of that extension on the first line of your display. The name currently assigned will appear on the left side of the second line and the port number will appear on the right side of the second line. Write down the port number.

•  Press ON/OFF to end part one

Hint: Make and maintain a list of each extension’s port number and current name. After you have this list, you may change extension names by following step 2.

Step 2 – Changing the Extension Name

•  Press ON/OFF key
•  Press PROG key
•  Press #2
•  Enter the extension’s 2 or 3 digit port number
•  Press AUTO repeatedly to backspace and erase previous name
•  Use the dial pad of your phone to enter the letters for the new name you are programming.
For example, press the 2-key twice for a capital B, 3 times for a capital C.
•  Press FLASH key after each letter to move to the next cursor position
•  Press CONF key if you want to toggle the dial pad to numbers instead of letters
•  Press HOLD to save the name
•  Press ON/OFF to end